Alphabetic Tower

Alphabetic Tower

One of the tallest and most recognisable buildings in the Batumi skyline, the 130-meters-tall Alphabetic Tower is renowned for being a prominent representation of beautiful Georgian alphabet.

Standing in Miracle Park on the old boulevard, the Alphabetic Tower has amenities such as a tourist information centre, a panoramic rotating restaurant, and an observation deck with an open terrace.

The rotating restaurant rotates 360-degrees and allows visitors to enjoy a delicious meal and a breathtaking view of Batumi over the course of an hour. The observation deck and panoramic restaurant both offer unparalleled views of Batumi, the mountains of Ajara, and the Black Sea.

The Alphabetic Tower was built in 2011 under the guidance of Spanish architect Alberto Domingo Cabo. Designed to resemble a DNA’s double helix and decorated with all thirty-three letters of the modern Georgian alphabet, it is reflecting the attitude of the locals to their language: the love and appreciation of it is in each Georgian’s blood.

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