Armazi Fortress

Armazi Fortress

The fortress, located in the vicinities of the old capital of Georgia, Mtskheta, once guarded the road leading to Georgia from countries beyond the Caucasus Mountains. Today, only its ruins remain, but it is still possible to get an impression of the sheer size and importance of the structure. The Armazi Fortress is one of the most important examples of ancient Georgian architecture.

The Location of Armazi Fortress

This 13th-15th-century fortress is perched atop a rocky cliff, making it more difficult for the enemies to reach. Beautiful views of the mountains, valleys, Mtskheta, and the surrounding regions are visible from its heights. Covering an area of 30 hectares, Armazi Fortress is considered one of the most significant Georgian fortresses on account of its age and scale.

The Structure of Armazi Fortress

The stone fortress is composed of a trapezoid-shaped wall and a triangular tower. The tower’s first floor is empty, while the inside is partitioned into rooms for agricultural purposes. There are large windows on the second floor. Sadly, only the lower walls of the third floor remain to this day.

How to Get to Armazi Fortress

Footpath to Armazi Fortress starts near the western exit of Mtskheta. You will also find a sign pointing in the right direction next to the road. Here you will need to cross the railway and the car road, after which you will get on the trail. The footpath is clearly visible and follows the Armaziskhevi River up to the Armazi Fortress, where you will have a chance to explore this ancient fortress and enjoy the views its lofty position affords.

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