Armazi Virgin Mary Church

Armazi Virgin Mary Church

The Armazi Virgin Mary Monastery Complex is a monument of ancient Georgian architecture that is still in use today. Located on the right bank of the Armazistkali River, this 12th-century monument functions as a monastery and place of worship for modern day Georgians.

The Architecture of Armazi Virgin Mary Church

The complex is surrounded by picturesque mountains and contains the Virgin Mary Church, a crypt, and a bell tower.

The modest, hall-type church was painted when it was built, with remnants of the painting noticeable near the altar and on the western wall. 

The Frescos of Armazi Virgin Mary Church

On the iconostasis of the church there are depictions of three saints, crosses, and decorative motifs. The faces of the saints, with their low foreheads and widely-opened eyes, are typical of ancient Christian art. 

On the western side of the church there is a two-story bell tower from a later period, the 16th to 17th centuries.

Armazi Fortress

While you’re in the beautiful Armazi Valley, you can also see Armazi Fortress, which is one kilometre away from Armazi Church. It sits on a difficult-to-approach, high rocky mountain and was built between the 13th and 15th centuries.

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