Armaziskhevi Archaeological Site

Armaziskhevi Archaeological Site

The Armaziskhevi Archaeological Complex is a unique site not just for Georgia, but for the whole Caucasus Region. This field museum is located on the right bank of the Mtkvari River, in an ancient district of Mtskheta, the old capital city of Georgia.

The remains of multi-purpose buildings and graves that date back from the 1st century until the Middle Ages were discovered.

Archaeologists have confirmed the existence of the remains of a palace, a bath, a wine cellar, a plumbing system, a ceramic workshop, a necropolis for the nobles, and 144 graves from the 2nd to 9th centuries.

The discovery of the noble necropolis confirmed that this place was the residence of the Bidakhsh dynasty, the highest officials in the government of ancient Kartli, and that it was bustling with life.

Gold and silver jewelry in the graves of the rich nobles (2nd-3rd centuries) were found, along with coins and various objects.

Some of the archaeological materials can be seen at the site, in Armaziskhevi, while the rest is kept in the National Museum in Tbilisi.

The wealth found in the graves clearly showcases the highly-developed society and lavish lifestyle of the Georgian kingdom in those centuries, as well as the advanced culture and government.

Unfortunately, the invasions of the Persian army in the 4th century and the powerful forces of the Arab leader Marwan II in 735 led to its destruction.

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