Artsivi Gorge

Artsivi Gorge

Artsivi (Eagle) Gorge is another great natural monument of Georgia - a place located in Kakheti Region, north of Dedoplistskaro Town, it belongs to the Vashlovani Protected Areas. The gorge is ideal for trekking and bird watching.

The natural monument of the Eagle Gorge includes two areas, one of which is a canyon of limestone rocks, and the other is a section of the forest surrounding the canyon, where the fortress of Khornabuji is located. These two objects are connected by a 7 km long road.

In the canyon, you will meet the Kakheti endemic plant, the beautiful Kakheti Machita (Campanula kachetica) - if you look at its delicate, white flower, you will not be able to explain why it chose to live in the crevices of this gloomy rock. Here grows the thuja bush (Biota orientalis), which you cannot see in any other part of Georgia.

Artsivi Gorge is a habitat for about 60 species of birds. Here you will meet a variety of birds, such as the black wagtail, the orb and, of course, his majesty the eagle. Therefore, Artsivi Gorge is an ideal place for bird watching. There is also a 1-kilometer footpath in the gorge.

As for Khornabuji Fortress, it stands on the top of an impassable rocky mountain and was built in the 5th century. A steep road climbs up to the fortress and climbing it requires caution. From the top, you can see the Alazani Valley and the Greater Caucasus like on the palm of your hand.

There is a picnic area under the Khornabuji Fortress. After a break here, you can make your way to Elias Mountain and visit the 6th century rock-built temple of St. Elia the Prophet.


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