Balneo Service N6 and N1 Baths

Balneo Service N6 and N1 Baths

While in the lovely Imereti region of Georgia, you would be remiss in not visiting Tskaltubo, where its unique mineral waters are used to heal a variety of ailments and health concerns. Tskaltubo’s mineral waters are composed of the following elements: iodine, manganese, bromide, boron, lithium, strontium, zinc, and copper.

Tskaltubo is the only place on earth where you’ll find water with this composition, meaning that it was only natural that a resort focused on treatment and rejuvenation would open here. Open year-round, the resort and its baths are used in a number of different procedures.

In the N1 Bath, you’ll find two common bathrooms - for women and for men. Here, you can have a consultation with a doctor and undergo a number of procedures, including mineral water baths, hydro massage, therapeutic massage, hydro/vibro massage, circular and ascending showers, physiotherapy, inhalation therapy, therapeutic mud applications, and more.

In the N6 path, you can get a personal cabin for all of the services mentioned above, as well as the following additional services: combination and horizontal stretching of the spine in mineral water, therapeutic physical activity, and stomach cleanses.

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