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Banguriani Mountain

Banguriani Mountain

Svaneti, one of Georgia’s most amazing regions, promises an unforgettable adventure for those who love mountains, alpine lakes, and exotic environments. One especially beautiful example of Svaneti’s unique charm is the 3,838 metre-tall Banguriani Mountain, located just twenty kilometres from Mestia, on the southern slope of the Caucasus Mountains.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Structure of Banguriani Mountain

Banguriani is composed of Jurassic shale and sandstone, with limestone here and there. It is characterized by contemporary glaciation and glacial landforms. Alpine and subalpine meadows, crystal-clear air, and mystical views of Svaneti – all this exceptional beauty is what you will see if you visit Banguriani.

How Do You Get to Banguriani Mountain?

To climb Banguriani Mountain you will need an off-road vehicle, special preparation, and the appropriate mountain-climbing equipment. In all, this hike covers ten kilometres.

Once you’ve completed your climb, you can stay in Mestia, where you’ll find many comfortable hotels. While you’re in the area, you should also try the delicious Svan food while enjoying the beautiful view of Banguriani Mountain from your hotel balcony.

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