Bateti Lake

Bateti Lake

Bateti Lake, tucked away in a spectacular orchard and surrounded by dense forest, is a place of unmatched beauty. Located twenty-three kilometres from Kareli, this beautiful lake is sure to enchant all who lay eyes upon it.
Shida Kartli

How to Get to Bateti Lake

Getting to Bateti Lake is an adventure in its own right, as you’ll need to take a three kilometre hike from where the paved road ends to the lakeshore.

While swimming and fishing are not permitted in the lake, it is an ideal place for picnicking and simply soaking in nature’s serenity. Nature lovers will be pleased to know that the lake’s south is a swampy area with a number of eye-catching aquatic plants, and also acts as a habitat for the endangered banded newt.

The lake itself, measuring just 0.02 square kilometres, was created by a landslide in the past. The lake has an average depth of seven metres, and a maximum depth of twelve metres.

The lake’s waters are fresh and clear, and freeze over during the winter months.

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