Bazaleti Lake

Bazaleti Lake

Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of city life get to be too much for us, even when we’re on vacation! When staying in the city doesn't sound like a good idea, and you don't have time to travel too far away, a trip to the countryside of Georgia within a 1-2 hour drive is just what the doctor ordered. So why not drive to Bazaleti Lake for a day? Famed for its healing waters and many legends that surround them, Bazaleti Lake is also a good place to bike, get tanned and enjoy q farm-to-table lunch.

Location of Bazaleti Lake

Bazaleti Lake is a volcanic lake located in the Dusheti Region, about 50 kilometers from Tbilisi. Fed only by rainwater and the mineral springs from below, the lake covers an area of 1.22 square kilometers and has a maximum depth of seven meters.

In January and February, the lake freezes over completely, but in good weather, it is a popular fishing destination, with herring, roach, khramule, barb, and carp calling the lake’s waters home.

The famous Gudauri Ski Resort is located approximately sixty kilometers away, with popular tourist destinations such as Ananuri Fortress and the Zhinvali Reservoir lying along the way.

The Healing and Rejuvenating Properties of the Lake

Bazaleti Lake water is believed to have healing properties. Patients with skin ailments, joints, or bones are encouraged to swim in its waters, while the fresh air is helpful for those suffering from circulatory system issues.

Legends about Bazaleti Lake

Bazaleti Lake has long been a part of Georgian mythology. Locals will surely tell you the tale of the “golden cradle” that is sunk into the lake, bearing a child.

A Resort You Can Visit Any Time of Year

Bazaleti Lake is a popular local getaway for all ages, with activities and attractions for young and old alike. There are hotels, cottages and glamping nearby the lake. If you are looking for camping, you easily find a suitable place to set up a tent around the lake.

For gastro tourists, there is an eco-friendly cider production that offers a variety of fruit-based drinks and dishes.

Whether you’re into swimming, fishing, boating, participating in beach sports, or simply soaking in the serenity of it all, there is something you can do at Bazaleti Lake.

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