Bicycle Tour - Tusheti-Oreti Lake (Type – enduro)

The Tusheti-Oreti Lake bike tour is difficult and is not recommended for beginner cyclists. Cross-country bikes are allowed but, it is recommended to use a two-shock enduro bike.

The Route 

It’s mandatory to have the help of an experienced driver to drive along the road to Tusheti. The tour starts from Khiso village and follows the ridge east to Lake Oreti. Along the way, both forested segments and alpine zones alternate.

The marked trail is 12 kilometers with a total elevation gain of 1,000 meters. One of the special sites in Tusheti is Lake Oreti, 2,650 meters above sea level. You can see all of Tusheti from Lake Oreti, which freezes over in winter, so there are no fish there.

Arrange a long break in Omalo, where they will gladly entertain you and offer Tusheti dishes.

To Consider

Make sure you have the proper equipment such as knee pads, a helmet, gloves, elbow pads, a camera, a first aid kit, water, and spare parts.

The best time to cycle this route is from the second half of July to the beginning of October, before the first snow falls.


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