Bike tour: Omalo - Dartlo

The bike tour of Omalo - Ghele - Makratela - Bochorma - Jvarboseli - Nakaicho - Farsma - Girevi - Dano - Kvavlo - Dartlo - Omalo is difficult and is not recommended for beginners; the route takes 4-5 days. An overall climb is 4,000 meters.


By car, take the road leading to Tusheti region, with the help of an experienced driver.

The length of the pass is 45 km. Based on its difficulty, it should be tackled only by an experienced cyclist who is required to be physically fit. Every village you pass through here is spectacular and authentic, and the more you ride, the more interesting the surrounding panorama gets.

The bike tour starts from Omalo Village and goes towards Makratela Ridge, with the road blessed with beautiful views.

It is possible to arrange a long break here in Bochorma (which is one of the highest settlements in Europe), as well as in Parsma, Girevi, and amazingly beautiful Dartlo, where you can taste delicious Tushetian dishes and enjoy the exceptional hospitality of the locals.  

Things to Consider

Before starting the route, be sure that you are equipped accordingly, with knee pads, a helmet, gloves, elbow pads, a camera, a first aid kit, water and snacks, and spare parts. 

The period from the second half of July to the beginning of October (before the first snow) is the best season for this bike tour.

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