Bike Tour: Pasanauri - Gudamakari - Sno

The Pasanauri - Gudamakari - Sno bike tour is difficult and is recommended for physically fit experienced cyclists, accompanied by a professional guide.

Information about the Bike Tour

The tour starts from the town Pasanauri and follows the Black Aragvi river valley in the direction of the Gudamakari area. The length of the bike tour is 30 km and it will pass mostly on a dirt road.

It takes one or two days to cover the route, depending on the physical preparedness of the cyclist. If you have a two-day tour planned, you will need to stay in a tent overnight.

You will need to cross one pass on the way, and the last stop of the tour is the beautiful Sno village, located at 1,760 meters above sea level, in Kazbegi Municipality.

What to Keep in Mind

Before going on the tour, check that you have the proper equipment, such as knee pads, a helmet, gloves, elbow pads, a camera, a first-aid kit, water, food and spare parts.

The best time to take the Pasanauri - Gudamakari - Sno bike tour is from the first half of July until October.


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