Bike tour: Pasanauri - Gudamakari - Sno - Juta - Chiukhi - Roshka - Barisakho

The Pasanauri - Gudamakari - Sno - Juta - Chiukhi - Roshka - Barisakho cycling route is difficult and is not recommended for beginner cyclists. It takes 3-4 days to complete, and the total elevation gain is 4500 meters.


The tour starts from the town Pasanauri and follows the Black Aragvi river valley in the direction of the Gudamakari area. The length of the bike tour is 70 km.

The route is very diverse and one part of it lies over a Chiukhi Massif and its mountain pass at an altitude of 3338 meters. Chiukhis Massif is one of the most beautiful natural sights, not only in Georgia but in the entire Caucasus.

After the pass, the colourful lakes of Abudelauri stand out, namely, the White, Blue, and Green lakes. Afterwards, you will reach the Roshla Village end the village of Barisakho will be the last destination of the tour.

During the tour, you can take a long break in the villages of Sno, Roshka, and Barisakho.

What should you consider?

Check that you have all the proper equipment such as knee pads, a helmet, gloves, elbow pads, a camera, a first aid kit, water, and spare parts.

The best time to take this route is from the second half of July to the beginning of October, before the first snowfall.

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