Bike Tour: Shuakhevi – Khikhadziri – Chirukhi - Shuakhevi

Ajara is a land of rolling forest-clad mountains, sunny pebble beaches, and abundant greenery. For adventurous cyclists, the three day trail that begins and ends in Shuakhevi is an experience of a lifetime.

The First Day

After driving from Batumi to Shuakhevi, you’ll take the bike path towards Khikhadziri. The road is paved and the route is simple, taking only about four or five hours. 

In Khikhadziri, you’ll find a 13th-century hall-type church called Tikinauri, as well as two fortresses, Tsikhiskheli and Vardtsikhe.

The Second Day

The dirt road from Khikhadziri to Chirukhi takes about four hours on a bicycle. The route is beautiful and magical at any time of year. In the spring and summer, it is especially green, while in the autumn it glitters with gold.

Chirukhi Village is especially interesting, as the population goes up the mountain in the spring, and comes back down in the autumn.

Your day’s travel brings you to the alpine zone, where you’ll see small, geometrical houses made of wood.

The Third Day

The bike tour continues from Chirukhi and, using the same circular path, takes you back to Shuakhevi in about four hours.

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