Bochorma Fortress

Bochorma Fortress

Once an important strategic point, it was said that those who controlled Bochorma Fortress would control all of Kakheti. Today, the Bochorma Fortress Complex, located in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, is open to visitors wishing to explore Georgia’s proud military history.

The Strategic Location of Bochorma Fortress

Bochorma Fortress’ strategic importance cannot be understated. Its location allowed its holder to control all of Kakheti. As a result, pitched battles were not uncommon at Bochorma, with bloody combat deciding who would hold power and influence in the region.

The Architecture of Bochorma Fortress

While the exact date of the fortress’ construction is unknown, it begins appearing in written sources in the 10th century.

The high walls of Bochorma follows the mountainous terrain, while the towers have fireplaces, niches, and windows in them.

At the heart of the fortress stands the 10th-century St. George Church. The artwork of the church only survives in a fragmented state, but remains impressive for its colours, content, and execution. The artwork depicts the life of St. George, the miracles of Christ, the twelve Holy Days, and a scene of the Last Judgment that is outstanding for its intellectual ferocity.

Sadly, the church was blown up by the Bolsheviks in 1923, destroying the church’s unique dome. Thankfully, the remainder of the church is intact.

To the south of the church is the “King’s Hall”. This hilltop tower boasts gunports in its walls, and affords an excellent view of the surrounding villages. 

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