Borjomi Local Lore Museum

Borjomi Local Lore Museum

The Samtskhe-Javakheti region is a fantastic place for relaxation, mountain sports, hiking, and learning about Georgia’s fascinating, centuries-long history. If the latter interests you, a visit to the Borjomi Local Lore Museum is a must.

Where is Borjomi Local Lore Museum?

Borjomi Local Lore Museum is housed in what was once a summer residence for the Russian emperors, the Romanovs. 

The palace, built in 1890 in a pseudo-Gothic style by the German architect Schweier, is every bit as fascinating as the objects stored within.

What is there to see at Borjomi Local Lore Museum?

Established in 1938, the Borjomi Local Lore Museum is now home to up to 38,000 objects, all excellent examples of archaeology, history, ethnography, handicrafts, and local flora & fauna.

Notable exhibits include unique bronze jewelry from the 2nd and 1st centuries BCE; primitive weapons and tools; coins from across history; and personal items belonging to the Romanovs, including European and Asian dishware, as well as dishware made from clay, glass, porcelain, and bronze; woodcarvings, and a collection of graphic and painted artworks.

You have come to Borjomi to sample its famous mineral water and wander its picturesque park, but don’t miss the chance to see a slice of history at the Borjomi Local Lore Museum.

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