Borjomi Sulfur Pools

Borjomi Sulfur Pools

While wandering the verdant depths of Borjomi Park, you’ll have the opportunity to extend your exploration by taking an easy walking path found at the rear of the park. Following the meandering path of the Borjomula River for two kilometres, you’ll soon come to a series of outdoor sulfur pools. Locals and tourists alike regularly visit this popular landmark, where you can relax under the open sky.

The Borjomi Sulfur Pools – An excellent place to relax

Perfect for relaxing and having fun with friends and family, the Borjomi Sulfur Pools of various shapes and sizes give visitors an opportunity to unwind and experience the benefits of healing waters. With larger pools suitable for adults and smaller ones for children, it’s a perfect family activity. The warmest water can be found in the semi-circular pool.

The area is well-equipped with modern conveniences such as showers and changing rooms. 

On average, the temperature of the water is between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius.

Special Properties of the Borjomi Sulfur Pools

The water that fills the pools has beneficial properties and has been found to help with issues of both the circulatory and endocrinological systems. The water is also recommended for people who suffer from issues of the spine or nervous system.

For a special treat, why not pay a visit to the Borjomi Sulfur Pools during the winter, where their warmth is a delicious contrast to the cold, crisp mountain air?

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