Bughdasheni Lake

Bughdasheni Lake

In southern Georgia, on the Javakheti plateau, 2,040 meters above sea level, there is an outstanding lake, that has been protected by the Ramsar Convention as a wetland of international importance since 2020.

Bughdasheni Lake is fed by snow, rain, and groundwater, has a surface area of 0.39 km2, and a maximum depth of 0.85 meters. You can do amateur sport fishing and try to catch various fish species, including trout. 

Endemic plant species are common around the lake, and the pristine shore is home to many migratory birds during their migration and breeding season. Observe migratory birds from the observation tower nearby.

The southeastern part of the Bughdasheni Lake has an important rocky island habitat for waterfowl, including the endangered field tern, pink heron, and red duck.

You can get to the lake from the village of Gorelovka by following a path of about 2 km that follows the shore of the lake. There are plenty of nice picnic spots around the lake as well.

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