Chiatura Photography Museum

Chiatura Photography Museum

The industrial city of Chiatura - with its manganese mines and towering cliffs - might not look like the kind of place where creativity can blossom, but it is here that the contemporary photographer, Lado Mumladze, was inspired to both collect photographs that document the city’s history and encourage young photographers to find the beauty in their own backyard.

Mumladze was inspired by the discovery of archival photos portraying the city’s development, wondering what the people who had taken these photos had gone on to achieve later in their lives. He researched the authors of this historical archive, tracked down and interviewed their descendants, and started to collect important pieces of the city’s history.

The end product? The Chiatura Photography Museum, which opened on the 25th of May 2017 in celebration of Georgian Photography Day.

The Chiatura Photography Museum offers visitors to the city a unique way to learn the city’s history through a unique collection of photos and the cameras that captured such important moments in Chiakura’s development. 

Lado Mumladze intended for the museum to be a multifunctional space where people could not only learn more about the city’s history, but where the next generation could be inspired to learn more about the art of photography.

An invaluable contributor to the art of photography in the region, the Chiatura Photography Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s history.

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