Chkaduashi Dadiani Residence

Chkaduashi Dadiani Residence

The Dadiani hunting residence, built in 1735, is located 17 kilometers from Zugdidi, in the beautiful village of Chkaduashi. Remarkably, the guide at the Chkaduashi Dadiani Residence is a direct descendant of the Ruler of Samegrelo and the Emperor of France, Napoleon III.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

History of Chkaduashi Dadiani Residence

Upon entering this historic building, you will feel as though you have been transferred into a different world, where the hosts, the descendants of the Megrelian Dadiani and the French Murats, guide you. Salome Dadiani, daughter of the Ruler of Samegrelo, Levan Dadiani, married Prince Achille Murat, the grandson of Napoleon's sister, Carolina. In this residence, you will be hosted by Salome and Achille's grandson, 75 year-old Prince Alan, and his wife, Princess Veronica, who have been living in Chkaduashi since 2014.

What Will You See at the Chkaduashi Dadiani Residence?

Some peculiar stories surround the history of the residence.

The museum keeps 18th-century items that Prince Alan inherited, such as the table, chairs, and chandeliers Napoleon III used, as well as Princess Veronica's collection of hats. In the courtyard of the palace, a huge tree, Ginkgo biloba, planted during the rule of Ekaterina Dadiani, is unmissable. The fruits from this rare tree are still used in local medical practice. Moreover, inside the residence, you will also find a guesthouse and a small café, while spaces for a picnic and camping are also located nearby.

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