Akhmeta is a distinguished town in Kakheti region, and getting to know its beautiful nature, amazing history, impressive monuments, and striking architecture is nothing but a great pleasure.
Distance to the location by road from:
1:50 hr
7:05 hr
4:45 hr

Where is Akhmeta Located?

Akhmeta is 29 kilometers from Telavi, on the banks of the Alazani River, and is spread between the Iltosa and Orveli Rivers. 

Upon your arrival in Akhmeta Municipality, you will be stunned by the surrounding nature - here, the snowy Caucasus in the background is complemented by the beautiful Alazani Valley in the foreground. Indeed, you will notice a large number of rivers and their tributaries here. 

Amid this kaleidoscope of wondrous nature are three protected areas: Batsara, Babaneuri, and Tusheti. The outstanding flora and fauna, Khadori Waterfall, Oreti and Ortskali Lakes, blue alpine forests, and meadows all of which provide a heavenly spot for hiking and adventure lovers. 

Akhmeta’s History

Traces of human life in this area go back as early as the Stone Age, although historical sources mention Akhmeta as an important settlement from the 1740s.

You can learn more about the town’s history from Akhmeta Museum. 

If you want to see one of the most perfect Georgian sights, then you need to visit Alaverdi. In Alazani Valley, under the Caucasus range, you will see a staggering 11th-century orthodox church, distinguished by its proportions 

In addition, you should check out the medieval Kvetari Fortress, Manti Tskhrakara Monastery, Zemo Alvani Sameba, the Saint Marine Church Complex and many other places. 

Before leaving Akhmeta, make sure to try the local wine and dishes, especially khinkali dipped in clarified butter.

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