Do you enjoy visiting small towns? With neat houses, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and vineyards? With a dog running in the yard and a cat bathing in the sun on the balcony, licking its paws? Visit Baghdati, a quintessential small Georgian town.
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Baghdati is located in Imereti region, 20 km from Kutaisi. This lovely green city is built on the banks of the Khanistskali River, 232 meters above sea level.


According to archeological discoveries, a settlement existed in the territory of Baghdati in the Middle Ages, although it was first mentioned in historical sources at the beginning of the 17th century. In the 18th century, the Ottomans occupied Baghdati and built a fortress there, which was mainly used for buying and selling prisoners. They gave the name "Baghdati" to the prison, which means "God’s Gift.”

However, Baghdati people prefer another story about the origin of the name, as "Baghdati" means the place of the garden.

What to see

Baghdati municipality consists of 24 villages and contains 12 functioning churches, which are under the Vani and Baghdati eparchy. 

In the city there is a historical-ethnographic museum of the Nakashidzes, which is home to a unique collection of ancient weapons and other old household item.

Literature-lovers should visit the house-museum of the famous poet, Vladimir Mayakovski, in the village of Chkvishi, where Mayakovski was born and raised here. In 1940, a decade after his death, Baghdati was re-named after him, before regaining its historical name in the late 90s.

Wine, environment, resorts

Baghdati municipality is home to two balneological resorts, Sairme and Zekari, with healing air, waters, green forests and European infrastructure. 

Wine lovers will also enjoy Baghdati’s viticulture. Famous local wines made from Tsitska, Krakhuna, Aladasturi, Dzelshavi and Tsolikouri grapes and buy ecologically clean products in the local market or family hotels.

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