Those who are eager to see a semi-desert landscape in Georgia should go to Dedoplistskaro in its far east.
Distance to the location by road from:
2:30 hr
7:20 hr
5:30 hr

Where is Dedoplistskaro Located?

Dedoplistskaro is located on Shiraki Plain, 144 kilometers from Tbilisi and 73 kilometers from Telavi

Dedoplistskaro’s History

Signs of human life in Shiraki Plain have been traced back to the Stone Age. Society here was developed in the Bronze and Iron Ages, as well as the antique and early Christian periods. This is evidenced by ancient settlement ruins of Nazarli, Karsiskalli, and Didi Shiraki Valley, as well as the medieval settlements of Khornabuji and Khoranti.

The name “Dedoplistskaro” is known to have existed since the 12th century, when a military post was established here. According to legend, the army of Queen Tamar discovered a spring (tskaro in Georgian) here. This spring still flows here, and you can drink the water safely as well. 

What is there to see in Dedoplistskaro?

In Dedoplistskaro, you need to visit Ozaani Amaghleba Church, Machkhaani Archangel Church, and Elia Monastery located on the wide meadow, like a nest on the top of the rocks. If you are interested in historic adventures, a visit to the local museum is essential, where historic documents, jewelry, clay and bronze items, cult sculptures, and many other monuments are displayed from the 6th-1st centuries BC until the late feudal era. 

In Dedoplistskaro, you will find a unique semi-desert landscape with a variety of flora and fauna. To really feel its greatness, you should visit the Vashlovani Nature Reserve, which includes three natural monuments - Artsivi (Eagle) Gorge, Takhti Tepa mud volcanoes, and the Alazani swamp forest of Kakliskuri.

Chachuna Managed Reserve is both an interesting and exotic place with sands, sandstones, clays, layers of volcanic ash, and boulders. Here, you can also observe birds and you will also see the blue Dali reservoir.

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