Located in the Alazani River valley, the Gurjaani municipality attracts numerous visitors. Gurjaani is known for great wine, natural acidic waters, the beautiful surroundings of the Pkhoveli forest, and the healing properties of Akhtala mud.
Distance to the location by road from:
1:40 hr
7:05 hr
4:45 hr

Where is Gurjaani located? 

In 117 kilometers from Tbilisi, Gurjaani lies in the very heart of the Kakheti region, northeast of the Gombori ridge on the edge of the Alazani valley.

As they say, Gurjaani accurately reflects the magnificence of Kakheti with its nature, historical monuments, and variety of wines. 

Gurjaani history

People lived in Gurjaani territory before it was officially named, proven by the discoveries of Stone Age human dwellings, bronze, antique, feudal age samples, and archaeological material.

To learn more about artifacts discovered in the area, visit the local museum’s exhibitions.

What to see in Gurjaani

Among the centuries-old cultural monuments of Gurjaani, lies the Kvelatsminda church, a three-level basilica with a dome roof and two octagonal domes, which significantly distinguishes it from other churches in Georgia. Visit the X-XI century Vejini Tskhrasakdari monastery complex, which includes Ascension, Easter, and Virgin Mary churches.

Gurjaani is the homeland of some distinguished Georgians, such as Nato Vachnadze, Ioseb Noneshvili, and the John Malkhaz Shalikashvili family. Museums, houses, and the Georgian military museum await you in Gurjaani, and of course, the main attraction - great amber and red wines from this sunny, hot place.

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