In the southern Georgian town of Marneuli, there exist traces of human life from the Stone Age, showing that locals knew how to grow plants and breed animals here 8,000 years ago.
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Marneuli Settlements and Great Discoveries

Around Marneuli, neolithic settlements important in the history and culture of Georgia can be found such as Arukhlo Hill, Khrami Didi Hill, and Shulavri and Imir Hills.

Clay wine vessels and grape seeds, dating back 8,000 years, were discovered on Khrami Hill. Following complex studies, world-renowned scientists came to the conclusion that wild vines were domesticated by man for the first time on the territory of Georgia where wine was pressed from the cultivated vines.

In addition, traces of cultivated wheat have also been found in neolithic settlements, suggesting that Georgia is also one of the oldest centers of origin for cultivated wheat.

Along with these great discoveries, here you can also see interesting monuments of the Middle Ages. For example, Tsofi Castle built on a rock in the 5th-6th centuries, the 13th-century Khujabi Monastery, and the 12th-13th-century Tsirakvi Monastery.

Marneuli Hiking Trails

The Mtkvari, Khrami, and Algeti Rivers flow in Marneuli, between Yagluji Plateau and Babakari Ridge.

Semi-desert, mixed forests, and alpine mountains are all within easy reach, allowing for diverse and captivating tours.

There are also hiking trails from Marneuli to Tsofi-Sioni, with informational signposts with detailed descriptions along the way. In addition, the village of Tamarisi established by the Germans, which was referred to as Traubenberg until 1944, is located 15-16 kilometers from Marneuli.

Modern Marneuli

Most of the population in Marneuli is ethnically Azerbaijani, with the main religion being Islam accordingly.

Today, service centers of almost all banks operating in Georgia can be found in Marneuli, with many trade and service facilities provided across the town.

In the villages around Marneuli, various crops are grown including wheat, barley, corn, rye, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic, beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Finally, while in Marneuli, do not forget to try lamb kebab, lamb barbecue, and fithi - a lamb dish in a clay pot, all of which are local delicacies.

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