In Sagarejo Municipality, you will see a semi-desert, large leafy and coniferous forests, and small mountains. In addition, the Badiauri and Jikuri Lakes on the Iori Plateau are a beautiful sight to visit. The most attractive and interesting site is the colorful Gareji semi-desert, home to a whole world of adventures, diversity, and unforgettable impressions.
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Where is Sagarejo Located?

Sagarejo Municipality with the center in the eponymous city is located on the southwestern slopes of the Gombori Ridge, on the bank of the Tvaltkhevi River, 58 km from Tbilisi. The road that takes you from Tbilisi to Sagarejo is interesting in itself as you pass by various fortresses,  churches and monasteries that tell you much about the ancient history of Georgia.

Sagarejo’s History

Sagarejo as a settlement has been mentioned in historical sources since the 15th century, but traces of human life here date back thousands of years. From the first half of the 6th century, Sagarejo, together with several villages of Outer Kakheti, represented the feudal estate of the largest monastic center - David Gareji. Later, it was called Gareji country.

What is there to see in Sagarejo?

Chailuri (Niakhura) Castle, Manavi Castle, Ujarma Castle, Ninotsminda Monastery Complex, Khashmi Sameba, Cholokashvili Palace Complex, and many more historical monuments in this area give you a more complete idea of the culture and history of Georgia.

Only 40 kilometers from Sagarejo, in Gareji desert, you will see red, white, and orange hills, said to reflect the full process of the Earth’s evolution. 

There is an amazing landscape here and a unique rock-cut monastery complex, known as Davit Gareja (David's Lavra) with its amazing architecture, and the monastic complexes of the Baptist, Chichkhituri, and Berthubani are somehow independent from each other in such a seemingly small space.

At Davit Gareja, you will see a completely unique fresco painting in a rock-cut desert monastery, where there was once a pagan shrine before Christianity took over.

Meanwhile, Ujarma balneological resort is located in Sagarejo municipality, where there are iodine-bromine healing mineral waters that are exceedingly rare in nature. Sagarejo is also home to Mariamjvari State Reserve and Korugi Reserve, and the endemic species you will see here cannot be found anywhere else.

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