Tsaghveri town in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region is a unique place to hike and improve your health. Resting in this cozy place is equally beneficial for adults and children.
Distance to the location by road from:
2:50 hr
5:20 hr
3:05 hr

Where is Tsaghveri?

Tsagveri is an urban-type settlement and a climatic-balneological resort, located 20 kilometers from the famous resort Borjomi, 1,025-1,050 meters above sea level, in the middle of mountains covered with coniferous forests.

The history of Tsaghveri

People have lived in the area since ancient times. After archeological excavations, items from the Bronze Age and the Queen Tamar period (12th century CE) were discovered.

The name “Tsaghveri” originated from the Georgian word “Tsiaghveli”, which means “the valley beyond”.

What can you see in Tsaghveri?

There is a XIV-century, single-nave St. George’s Basilica built on a platform cut into the rock. 

Many hiking paths offer easy and challenging adventures to the Gvirgvina and Tortiza mountains, and the Uznariani fortress.

Tsaghveri Resort

Tsaghveri is known for its healing waters and mountainous climate rich with solar radiation and sated with the coniferous forest scent. These characteristics are helpful for the upper respiratory tract, bronchia, and lungs. The climate strengthens the immune system and noticeably reduces the frequency of illness.

Tsaghveri has snowy winters and dry summers. The best season to visit is between May and September. 

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