Tsalka is a region of mountains, lakes, historical monuments, and archaeological treasures. The municipality in eastern Georgia, spread across the Trialeti mountain range, is especially interesting for those seeking an active vacation.
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Tsalka Canyon

Tsalka Canyon (also known as Dashbashi Canyon) is a highlight of this region. It is a natural monument located near the village that shares its name. The canyon is carved into the volcanic layers of rock, making for an unforgettable sight. Here, you will see a waterfall flowing down the green, rocky slopes, creating a perfect photo to take home with you.

For an even more impressive photo, the 24-metre-long glass bridge over Tsalka Canyon is something truly special. The panorama from atop the bridge is sure to take your breath away.

There is also a cafe in the middle of the bridge, allowing you to enjoy a coffee 200 metres in the air! 

If you’re looking for something to get the adrenaline pumping, take the bike-zipline that goes along the bridge, with a two-kilometre path that takes you to the waterfalls.

Tsalka Reservoir

Of the dozens of reservoirs in Georgia, Tsalka Reservoir is the largest. This reservoir is fed by the Khrami River and the waters of the small gorges around. The reservoir was built by the Soviet government one year after the end of the Second World War. The surface of the reservoir is covered in thick ice from December to March.

Besides the reservoir, there are natural lakes in Tsalka that make for an amazing landscape. You can even fish in the lakes of Tsalka, although only during designated fishing seasons.

The Cultural Monuments of Tsalka

Of all of Tsalka’s sights, the St. George Church stands out. You also have to see Aiazma Church of the Virgin Mary, the St. Ilia Cyclopean Settlement, the petroglyphs of Patara Khrami, and many other things that will tell you about nearly every era of civilization, from the Stone Age up to today.


Due to the ethnic diversity of the local population, you’ll be able to try many unique kinds of food in Tsalka, including Svan, Ajarian, Armenian, and Greek. As for alcohol, a locally distilled mulberry vodka is popular here.

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