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COVID-19: Guide for Travellers

This article will give you all of the information you need regarding COVID-19 in Georgia, including how to enter the country during the pandemic, how to receive treatment, and more.

Getting into Georgia 

Last year, when the COVID-19 pandemic was raging globally, visitors to Georgia were required to present a document proving you had received a full set of COVID vaccinations. Those without the vaccine documentation needed to present a negative COVID test and self-isolate. However, since June 14th 2022, these restrictions are no longer in place for those entering the country through the air, land, or sea. Visitors no longer need vaccine proof, a PCR test, or an isolation period and are free to enter the country of Georgia. 

If You Test Positive for COVID 

If you believe you have symptoms associated with COVID-19, please follow the steps below.

Firstly, you will need to go into self-isolation, as there are no longer any functioning COVID quarantine hotels in Georgia. 

Next you should go to the nearest medical establishment where you can get a rapid test (results in 20-30 minutes) or a PCR test (results in 24 hours). Since the free testing program is no longer in effect in Georgia, you will need to pay anywhere from  60 to 150 lari on average.

You can get a COVID test in many medical establishments in Tbilisi as well as regional hospitals throughout Georgia.

To find the nearest hospital or mobile medical center where you can get a test done, visit the following government-run site:  

At this link, you will find testing center addresses, contact numbers, and information about medical establishments where you can get a test done both in Tbilisi and in any other region of the country.

In addition to visiting a testing center, there are also services in Georgia where doctors can come and test you in the privacy of your home or hotel. If you cannot or do not wish to go to a medical establishment, you can contact one of these clinics and they will come to meet you at your desired time and location to do a test. The test will cost between 60 and 150 lari, and you will get the results within 24 hours.


If your test comes back positive for COVID-19, then you are required to go into self-isolation and immediately call the public safety center at 112 (which is a free call from any network) or fill out the registration form at the following website:

As soon as you have registered with 112, your information will be processed and sent to a general practitioner, who will contact you for a mandatory consultation or further testing. 


1505 is the hotline number for the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Defense here in Georgia. You may can this number (which is also free) about any problems relating to health, including COVID-19, and qualified operators will give you all of the information you need.

If you need a document certifying you have recovered from COVID, the health hotline will also help you obtain this.


If a foreign national should decide to get vaccinated in Georgia, the government has set forth a category of beneficiaries who can take advantage of the state program of immunization against COVID-19.

Check the list below to see if you qualify for a vaccine:

  • Foreign nationals and stateless persons who legally reside in the territory of Georgia (and whose legal stay is documented by the appropriate visa, residence permit, or visa-free period), who have stayed in Georgia for at least 3 months since first entering the country

  • Foreign national students who are in Georgia for the purpose of receiving an education (and who have been unable to leave the country), and can provide proof of enrollment by a Georgian educational institution

  • Accredited diplomatic representatives, representatives of international organizations and consular institutions in Georgia, and personnel of such representatives and their family members

  • The populace of the occupied territories of Georgia, no matter their nationality, along with persons working in occupied territories financed by international donor organizations and diplomatic missions and their family members

  • Those currently in penitentiary facilities, with or without official identification or documentation 

  • Foreign nationals, defined by Decree 164, whose family member (child, parent, spouse) is a Georgian citizen

Additional Information

144 – Unified Government hotline

1505 - Health Ministry hotline

1522 - Vaccination hotline

0800800909 - Georgian National Tourism Administration hotline

E-mail: [email protected]


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