Telecom, Mail and Internet

Local Mobile Networks

There are three main mobile operators in Georgia: Silknet, Magti, and Beeline.

"Silknet" - www.silknet.com Phone: 110 110 or 277 01 77.

"Silknet" is the mobile communication distributor and the most popular network in Georgia. "Silknet" SIM cards can be purchased at company offices, airports, or hotels.

"Magti" - www.magticom.ge Phone: 110 011 or 2217 00 00.

Choose „Magti” as your internet provider if you plan to travel to the most remote places in Georgia. A "Magti" SIM card can be purchased at the company offices, in almost 81 service centers of the Georgian Post 81, and in other public places.

"Beeline" - www.beeline.ge Phone: 110 101 or 220 06 11.

"Beeline" is a great option if you do not plan on leaving populated areas. The connection is not very stable and could be a problem.

Telecom Companies

There are several telecom companies in Georgia:

"United Telecom" - unitedtelecom.ge

"Flytele" - https://www.flytele.com

"Maxnet" - https://maxnet.ge/

"Akhteli" - www.ak.ge

"New networks" - www.ak.ge

"Silknet" - www.silknet.com

"Geonet" - www.geonet.ge

"Servicenet" - www.service.net.ge

"Magticom" - www.magticom.ge

"Lagi" - www.lagi.ge

"City Telecom" - www.citynet.ge

"Telco Systems" - www.telco.ge

"Caucasus Digital Network" - www.cdn.ge


Free Wi-Fi is available almost in every cafe and restaurant in Tbilisi and other cities, shopping centers (Tbilisi Mall, East Point, Karvasla, etc.), and hotels.


Postal services, including sending and receiving parcels, are available through Georgian Post - www.gpost.ge, DHL - www.dhl.com, UPS - www.ups.com or Pony Express - www.ponyexpress.ge and several other companies.

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