Travel to Georgia from any part of the world

Air route

The fastest way to get to Georgia is to fly. Many Georgian and international airlines operate flights to Tbilisi, Kutaisi, and Batumi.

You can fly direct from several major European and Asian cities. Regular flights operate from Amsterdam, Munich, Yerevan, Istanbul, Riga, Baku, Chisinau, Tashkent, Minsk, Doha, and Dubai.

In summer, due to the large flow of tourists, it is possible to schedule charter flights from various European cities. The tourist season in Georgia lasts throughout the year, but the most active season is summer, so we recommend booking tickets well in advance.

Railway route

The trains run in two directions: Tbilisi-Yerevan and Yerevan-Tbilisi. Lines are completed on alternate days. Tickets can be purchased both at the railway station's ticket office and online through express payment machines. The duration of a one-way trip is approximately ten hours.

Travel by sea

Enter Georgia by sea, into Batumi and Poti ports, under the following condition - the tourist group, which plans to enter Georgia by sea, contacts the private ship's owner and agrees on the details. From time to time, the ship owners plan some tours and offer the cruises themselves to tourists or tour companies.


If you enter Georgia by road, you’ll pass through border checkpoints. Make sure to have your travel passport, ID card if you are a citizen of the EU, Switzerland, Ukraine or Turkey, a valid international driver's license, and a vehicle registration certificate with you.

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