Dzama Valley

Dzama Valley

Dzama Valley is home to up to 60 historic monuments, including old and modern churches and monasteries, fortresses, towers and natural sights. Located in Kareli Municipality, Shida Kartli, the valley is 160-170 kilometers away from Tbilisi.
Shida Kartli

One of the most beautiful places in Shida Kartli, Dzama Valley’s numerous monuments include the Kintsvisi monastery complex, which dates from the XII-XIII century and contains majestic frescos, the XVII century Mdzovreti fortress, Kozipa monastery, which consists of five churches, Gugomi complex and Dzama fortress. 

Dzama Valley is also known for its serene natural beauty. For example, Shuano Mountain 2350 meters above sea level offers a majestic, panoramic view. You could also visit Bateti Lake and the surrounding forest, close to Bateti village, 1313 meter above sea level. It is believed to be particularly beneficial for respiratory and nervous system. Similarly, Tkemlovanistskali River Gorge, a tributary to the Dzama, is famous for its mineral waters. 

A particular highlight is the 25-meter high waterfall near to Abukhalo mountain. Abukhalo footpath will take you to Bardzimjvari summit, which offers magnificent views of the whole Kartli Region.

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