Dzevri Cave

For adventure lovers, Imereti Region is a real discovery. There you will find many caves that show you the Earth’s deepest secrets. One of these caves is located in the village of Dzevri, Terjola municipality. 

What will you see in the Dzevri Cave?

A few years ago in Imereti, on the territory of the Dzevrula HPP, a karst cave was discovered, and so far only fifty meters have been explored in it. Nearby are caves where primitive people lived many millennia ago. Ancient tools and other unique artifacts were found in these shelter caves.

The narrow path leading to the Dzevri Cave runs along a rock, on which stands an ancient bronze statue of a female deity. The remains of ancient animals were found here.

A trip to the caves will introduce you to the life and living conditions of primitive humans. You should definitely see these small prehistoric dwellings, because they brought invaluable information about the life of our distant ancestors to our days.

Please note that for a trip to the cave, you must be accompanied by a certified guide and have special equipment.

There is no tourist infrastructure in the cave.


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