ძუძუანას მღვიმე

Dzudzuana Cave

The Dzudzuana karst cave in the Chiatura municipality became important worldwide after scientists discovered the world’s oldest flax thread there. Before that, the thread found in Dolní-Vestonice in the Czech Republic, made of nettle, was considered to be the oldest.

The studies confirmed that the thread found in the Dzudzuana cavern was 34000 years old. According to the studies, ancient people tilled the flax and then spun the thread. According to the traces found on several items, the thread was not only spined but dyed with natural dyes as well. 

Dzudzuana Cave is located near Mghvimevi village, on the right bank of the Nekrisi River. The cavern is 160 meters deep and 175 meters long. It has two floors, and a small stream is running through it. While the scientists were studying the cavern, they found artifacts from the Upper Paleolithic period, human settlements, and traces of fauna, including brown and cavern bears, wild horses, bison, and ibex. 

The beautiful drippings in the Dzudzuana cavern make it even more mysterious. 

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