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5 reasons to celebrate New Year in Georgia

Christmas and New Year holidays are approaching! If you are wondering where to spend them, we will try to convince you that Georgia is one of the best options. Here are the reasons:

  1. New Year's table has never been so healthy and unhealthy at the same time! Georgian food is always very natural, the whole variety of spices and ingredients tastes fantastic, but there is always so much food at the Georgian feast! It is super easy to overeat here - though the way to this fullness is extremely delightful.
  2.  Nowhere else you will hear so many beautiful and original toast speeches and wishes. People say that all the sincere wishes come true, if you make them on Christmas or New Year Eve? Imagine how much you feedback from Universe you will get here, in this blessed land, with so many wishes from the locals, who are famous for their kindness and hospitality! 
  3. You will find a beautiful mixture of sun, winter cold and sincere love in your festive glass. Georgian wine made by traditional technology spends the whole winter fermenting in giant vessels buried under the ground. It stores the energy of summer, bittersweet flavor of autumn, and winter makes it stronger and stronger. As wine is one of the most important things for the Georgians, they put real love and effort in it. 
  4. It is time to meet different Christmas traditions! Have you heard something about chichilaki? This version of Christmas tree is burned at the end of the holidays, and takes away all the possible hardships. Isn’t it great to get rid of everything bad and take a really fresh start?
  5. Georgia’s compact size allows you to spend every day of your New Year's holidays in different locations. Tbilisi and its museums, historic baths and modern bars. Batumi - coffee brewed on hot sand, winter sea and snow-capped mountains. Svaneti - Georgia's highest restaurant at an altitude of 3200 meters, medieval towers, treasures hidden from the invaders, and breathtaking scenery. Monasteries, wine cellars and spa hotels in Kakheti. Mineral waters and curative air of Borjomi and Bakuriani. Georgia is always pleased to surprise and please its guests!

In short, if you want a relaxing holiday amidst beautiful scenery - come to Georgia. If you prefer a joyful company, delicious food and natural wine - come to Georgia. Active holiday in the mountains, cultural attractions or spa relaxation - we are sure that you will like it here!

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