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Covid - 19

2020 started unplanned. Covid-19 affected almost every country on planet. Georgia is among those countries who started to fight against the spread of the virus at its earliest stage. Georgia went through numerous restrictions. It was heartbreaking to close the borders of this beautiful country and cancel so many journeys of life, but due to limitations we managed to keep positive statistics.

Georgia is opening its borders for travelers from five countries:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Estonia

Government of Georgia is currently negotiating with other EU member states as to the further opening of the country’s borders.

  • Citizens / residents of the above mentioned five countries will be able to visit Georgia only by direct flight.
  • Before crossing the Georgian border, they must fill out a specially designed electronic form in which they must indicate their travel history of the previous 14 days before entering Georgia and where he/she is going to stay in the country.
  • If a traveler’s temperature exceeds 37 degrees Celsius at the border, they will be tested by PCR at the airport.
  • A 12-day quarantine will remain mandatory for those who have recently travelled to high-risk, non-EU member countries.
  • A special call-center group will be in communication with all travelers that arrive in Georgia.


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