Travel Status Update


Entry Requirements

From March 1, 2022, citizens of all countries, traveling by air, land, or sea from any country may enter Georgia if they present the document confirming the full course of any COVID-19 vaccination OR present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours (96 hours for visitors traveling from the U.S) before their arrival.

COVID-19 related restrictions are gradually lifted in full compliance with safety standards and regulations:

  • The mountain resorts and ropeways;
  • Intercity transport ;
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces of restaurants;
  • Hotels throughout the country;
  • Attendance at training, conferences, and seminars allowed without PCR and Antigen test;
  • Museums and libraries;
  • Malls and marketplaces;
  • Restaurants and food facilities operate in Georgia without hourly restrictions;
  • The permissible number of spectators at cinemas, theatres, and the opera house will increase from 30% to 50%;
  • Quarantine spaces, i.e. so-called COVID Hotels - will be voided from March 1, 2022. Respectively, admission of infected individuals to such places will be terminated;
  • Obligation to run a thermal screening and record-keeping gets voided. Obligation to have disinfection floor mats also gets voided. Restriction on the catering at canteens is removed;
  • Operation of nightclubs gets permitted from March 4, 2022, provided 60% of the overall space gets occupied by admitted visitors;
  • By taking into account the eased regulations, applications of business visitors, work from Georgia and students are deemed void.

In case the foreign visitor is deemed COVID-19 positive during the visit to Georgia

  • From March 1, if a foreign visitor turns out to be COVID-19 positive as a result of undergoing testing procedures, the visitor can notify 112 emergency response centers and will be receiving relevant instructions on the required self-isolation.

In case of having contact with the COVID-infected person

  • In case of being in contact with the COVID-infected person, the visitor can notify the 112 emergency response centers and will be receiving relevant instructions on the required self-isolation or testing procedures accordingly.
  • In case of identified contact with the COVID-infected person, the visitor will be contacted by the epidemiologist and informed of the requirement for self-isolation.

Public Health Orders

  • Maintain social distance.
  • Wearing facemasks outdoors where at least five people


Foreigners of the below categories will be eligible for getting a vaccination in Georgia.

  •  A foreign citizen / stateless person legally staying on the territory of Georgia (whose legal presence is confirmed by the relevant visa, residence permit or visa-free regime), who is in Georgia and at least 3 months have passed since his / her entry;
  • Foreign nationals participating in "Work from Georgia" and their family members;
  • Foreign nationals studying in Georgia (who have not been able to leave the country) based on the list submitted by the relevant educational institution;
  • Foreign employees and their family members of institutions, accredited diplomatic missions, representations of international consular organizations, as well as equivalent missions in Georgia;
  • Residents of the Occupied Territories of Georgia, regardless of citizenship, as well as persons working on projects funded by diplomatic missions and international donor organizations in the Occupied Territories and their family members;
  • Persons in penitentiary institutions, despite the lack of an official identification document;
  • Foreign citizen defined by the ordinance, whose family member (child, parent, spouse) is a citizen of Georgia.

Useful links


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia

Useful Information

  • 144 - Georgian Government’s hotline
  • 1505 - Ministry of Health hotline
  • 1522 -Vaccination portal hotline
  • 0800800909 - hotline for tourist
  • App support - [email protected]

Update: 01.03.2022