Ertso Fortress

Ertso Fortress

You’ll find many fortresses in Georgia. The country’s war-torn past means you’ll see these proud fortifications on virtually every hill or mountain you pass. One especially amazing example of this is Ertso Fortress, also known as Kor-Shevardeni Fortress-Tower.

Where is Ertso Fortress Located?

Ertso Fortress is located near Meliaskhevi Village in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti Region. The tower is built on high ground, allowing it to watch over the surrounding area like a steadfast guard.

The Structure of Ertso Fortress

An inscription on basalt rock over the door to the fortress says that the tower was built in memory of Georgia’s past and to preserve its bright future. The three-story tower has windows on each level, and is crowned by beautiful, semi-circular battlements.

The fortress-tower was restored in 1983. A few steps away are the ruins of an ancient church.

The Remarkable Nature of Ertso-Tianeti

The area surrounding Meliaskhevi Village is also beautiful in its own right, and you can extend your trip with a visit to Gorshevardeni Church in the village..

On top of the ancient ruins, beautiful wilderness, and fresh air, Ertso’s proximity to Tbilisi has made it a very popular getaway destination.

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