Expo Georgia – An Exhibition Hall

Expo Georgia – An Exhibition Hall

Expo Georgia is one of the largest exhibition halls in Georgia, a site for celebrating the achievements of brands, charitable organisations, and more. When it is not being used as an exhibition space, Expo Georgia is a fine place to relax, with decorative pools and fountains, an orange orchard, open green spaces, and even a high-end Georgian & European restaurant.

What Can Be Found Around Expo Georgia?

Expo Georgia’s eleven exhibition halls are surrounded by a large park in which you can walk or cycle, relax by the fountains, or wander the orangery with its subtropical fruits.

The on-site Georgian/European restaurant offers a variety of delicious meals, whether you’re attending an exhibition or simply there to enjoy the scenery.

What will you see at Expo Georgia?

Every day throughout the year, large and small events are held in the pavilions of the exhibition hall, including exhibitions, festivals, markets, and government events.

April sees the Tbilisi Art Fair taking place at Expo Georgia, where young artists from both Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus gather to showcase their creativity. Gallery owners, artists, and art lovers from all over the world come to attend the fair.

In late May, Expo Georgia plays host to the annual Tbilisi International Book Festival, which is one of the largest book festivals in the Caucasus region. This festival is not only attended by publishers and lovers of literature, but by the authors themselves.

June is the wine month, when WinExpo takes place. The importers and wine lovers are attending it to taste the recent samples of multiple Georgian wineries.

Expo Georgia also hosts an international tourist exhibition each year, where both Georgian tour operators and international tourism boards can show off their tourist potential.

You’ll also find international construction, interior decoration, agro products, and beverage exhibitions taking place at various times throughout the year.

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