Aerial Tramway

Aerial Tramway

As you explore Tbilisi, you’ll doubtless notice gondolas on cables soaring high overhead. Tbilisi’s network of cable cars makes getting around the city quick and convenient, not only shortening travel times, but also providing you with spectacular views of the city. At present Tbilisi has three working cable car lines, as described below.

Turtle Lake Cable Car

By using this 1,140-meter aerial tramway, you can reach Turtle Lake from Vake Park in six minutes. Up to twelve people can fit into the cabin. Cyclists can also bring their bikes up to the lake by hanging them on special hooks on the gondolas. 

The gondolas preserve their original design, the same one that was used when they first appeared in the sky over Tbilisi in 1965.

Rike Cable Car

The Rike Cable Car is a new aerial tramway boasting gondolas of a modern design. The cable car connects Rike Park to the ancient fortress of Narikala, offering you a completely different perspective on the historical part of Tbilisi and its surroundings. 

The length of the Rike to Narikala cable car is 500 meters. Seven gondolas are on the circuit, and up to eight people can fit into each cabin.

University to Bagebi Cable Car

Using this aerial tramway, you will pass over the Vere River valley and go from one district to the other in exactly four minutes.

The cable car connects Building 10 of Tbilisi State University (the so-called Maghlivi Building) to the Bagebi residential district. The total length is 320 meters, and each gondola can carry up to 40 people at one time.

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