Dancing fountains - a landmark of Batumi

Dancing fountains - a landmark of Batumi

Batumi is a beautiful seaside city that invariably attracts travelers with its wide, sun-drenched beaches. And in the evening, when the Black Sea resort is lit up with lights, an enchanting water show awaits tourists - one of the largest dancing fountains in Europe, which is the hallmark of the Black Sea coast of Georgia.

What do the dancing fountains of Batumi look like?

A magnificent combination of light, music and water jets, the dancing fountains are installed in three places around the city center. Gracefully curving streams of water, either soaring up, or twisting in a spiral, or falling like rain, accompanied by colourful lights and famous musical pieces, take viewers into a fairy tale, creating some other reality. The spectacle usually lasts 30 minutes every hour.

When can you see the dancing fountains?

Fountains dance from 21:00 to 02:00. Batumi dancing fountains are located on the Old Boulevard, in Ardagani Lake and Europe Square. In addition to Georgian songs, you will hear unique compositions of such stars as Luciano Pavarotti, Barry White, Diana Ross, Sting and other world famous performers.

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