Mushtaidi Garden

Mushtaidi Garden

Take a walk where the world's first children's railway was built, where the first hot-air balloon in Transcaucasia took off, and where the genius Niko Pirosmani met the French singer Margarita for the first time - in the celebrated Mushtaidi Garden in Tbilisi.

The History of the Garden

Mushtaidi Garden was planted in the 1830s by Mir Feteagha Seyyed Tabriz – a mujtahid, who escaped from Iran and was appointed as the religious leader of Iranian Shiites in Azerbaijan. Apparently, he chose Tbilisi to settle down because of his Georgian wife.

From 1853, the garden belonged to the State Treasury, with public walks, exhibitions, and various performances systematically arranged here.

It is rare to find a place where history and modernity blend so harmoniously. Here, you will find the State Silk Museum, founded in 1887, an amphitheater where entertainment events are held every week, modern attractions, children's playgrounds, a summer theater, cafes, and more. 

What Does Mushtaidi Garden Have to Offer?

In this 16-hectare garden, you can see thousands of unique types of plants, however the Zelkova grove of relict trees is particularly noteworthy.

The children's railway, opened in 1935, an educational purpose of teaching kids how to drive a train. Today, children revel in riding the train, which consists of three open-type carriages.

Mushtaidi Garden is an excellent place to relax and have fun with your family.

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