Nadikvari Park

Nadikvari Park

Telavi stands out for its multitude of cultural monuments and its immense natural beauty, with Nadikvari Park being an especially popular fusion of the two. Here, next to the royal residence of King Heraclius (Erekle) II, Batonistsikhe, is a pleasant place full of shady trees, cooling fountains, and amusement options.

What is There to See in Nadikvari Park?

Built on a small hill in the center of town and crisscrossed by shady paths, the park is home to an amphitheater, attractions for all ages shaded benches, and dancing fountains. With a view of the imposing Batonistsikhe, sprawling Alazani Valley, and towering Caucasus Mountains, it is a popular escape from the heat for locals and visitors alike.

What Make Nadikvari Park Special?

The park’s centerpiece is a statue of the popular Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka, who lived and worked in Telavi for two years and loved Georgia like it was her own homeland. 

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