The Animated Puppet Museum

The Animated Puppet Museum

When in Tbilisi, visit the Animated Puppet Museum. Up to three thousand exhibits displayed on beautiful shelves showcase scenes from past events. Dolls dressed in Chikhtikopi (Traditional Georgian attire for women) and other national costumes will hold a singing contest just for you.

Museum History

It took eight decades to create the exhibits displayed in the museum. In the 1930s, children's author and teacher, Tamar Tumanishvili, came up with creating a museum. In 1937, she opened the museum in Tbilisi with a rich collection of dolls and toys.

The museum was slowly filled with works and gifts from artists, ethnographers, travelers, hobbyists, constructor-inventors, and private collectors. Toy factories, in collaboration with multiple Georgian and foreign artists, worked hard on the models to have them as exhibits.

What will you see at the museum?

At present, the original samples brought from 40 countries are preserved within the walls of the museum. There is a collection of musical and mechanic toys of the XIX-XX centuries such as dolls, heroes of Georgian fairy tales, flamenco dancers, Indian chiefs, and Japanese ladies and fine and applied artworks and a unique collection of embroidery.

Tbilisi Animated Puppet Museum is located at Agmashenebeli Avenue 103 and is open to visitors every day, except Mondays, from 10:00 to 18:00.

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