The Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock

Seaside cities are fantastic places to photograph the rising sun. There is just something so enchanting about seeing the shining orb setting the waters of the Black Sea alight, painting the dawn in hues of red, orange, gold, and pink.

Selecting the correct time to snap this photo can be a difficult task, but the Batumi Astronomical Clock can tell you what time to expect the sunrise and much more.

Far more than just a means of telling time, the Astronomical Clock will also show you the exact position of the sun, moon, planets, and zodiac constellations, along with the meridian, horizon, the current phase of the moon, and the motion of the moon’s orbit around the earth.

Located in the tower of the unique National Bank Building at the intersection of Memed Abashidze and Konstantine Gamsakhurdia Streets, it is one of Batumi’s greatest architectural sights. Like the famous Prague Town Hall Clock, the Astronomical Clock was made in Germany.

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