Meidan Bazaar

Meidan Bazaar

Meidani Square in Old Tbilisi is a kind of place where the distant past, with all its charm and exoticism, comes to life. This ancient district of Tbilisi has been known as the main bazaar since time immemorial, not only in Georgia, but in all of the Caucasus. Merchants were coming there to trade from all over the East, and there were craftspeople workshops around there as all. “The market area is both a meeting place and a bazaar at the same time. You will not find so many different foreigners in the world as you will there. There are Armenians, Greeks, Jews, Persians, Indians, Turks, Moscovites, and Europeans,” wrote the French jeweler, gem seller, and traveler, Jean Chardin, when he visited Georgia in 1672 - 1673.

Meidani Today

Sadly, nothing remains from the old stalls of Meidani today, but the modern Meidani is known, even now, as a synthesis of old and new. Past and present come together in this marketplace of antiques, traditional Georgian food, locally made art, and delicious Georgian wine.

As you wander around Meidani, you’ll also be able to soak in beautiful views of local landmarks such as Rike Park and the Mtkvari, Metekhi Bridge, Metekhi Church, and the looming silhouette of Narikala Fortress overhead.

The Surprises of Meidan Bazaar

Meidani Bazaar is the name of an underground shopping area just under the square. Every nook and cranny here has a story to tell. There is a large selection of Georgian wines at Meidan Bazaar, as well as Georgian clay wine dishware from which to drink it.

The bazaar also offers customers a wide range of the interesting local products, including natural honey, churchkhela treat, as well as various kinds of tea and jam. 

If you love art, then you can familiarize yourself with the works of modern artists at Meidan, including buying original goldsmith work, Georgian-made dolls, and other handmade souvenirs. 

Depending on the activities of artisans and merchants, many streets in this part of the city received characterising names, which have survived to this day. Here you will find Silver Street, Goldsmith Street, Iron Street, Bread Square, Wine Rise, and more.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to hunt for bargains in an honest to goodness bazaar, Meidan Bazaar might just be exactly what you’re looking for

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