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Rike Bazaar

Rike Bazaar

Rike is one of Tbilisi’s oldest districts. In the 17th century, it was an area for competitive events, and the large Avchala Road heading toward Russia passed through the area. By the 19th century, Rike had been converted into a vital trade hub, with a marketplace, caravansery, and workshops to facilitate trade.

In the 1970s, the old buildings in Rike were demolished in order to beautify the area and improve public amenities, but it remains one of the city’s most interesting districts for shopping even now.

What is on Offer at Rike Bazaar?

Rike Bazaar is a unique commercial district in Tbilisi. As a modern-style bazaar, you’ll find only the best locally manufactured products from Georgian companies here.

Shoppers can purchase everything here, including Georgian-made drinks and many kinds of natural Georgian products, such as different kinds of cheese, homemade churchkhela; and various souvenirs, including accessories, clothing, and jewelry made by Georgian designers.

You will find famous Georgian brands at Rike Bazaar too. There are often exposition sales here, where you will see accessories, textiles, enamel, batik, felt, ceramics, glass, wood, leather, and other kinds of products on display.

How Do You Get to Rike Bazaar?

Rike Bazaar is centrally located, and you can get there in a variety of ways, including public transport and taxis. There is, however, one portion of the journey that must be done on foot.

If you want the shortest path, then go to the bank of the river and cross over the glass bridge. The bazaar is right underneath it. 

Rike Bazaar is especially close to Meidan and Orbeliani Square, so you can continue your exploration from there.

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