Gabzaruli Lake – Nature’s Emerald Monument in Imereti

Gabzaruli Lake – Nature’s Emerald Monument in Imereti

A mere glimpse at a picture of Gabzaruli Lake is enough. You’ll be inexorably drawn to experience its beauty for yourself. A light emerald lake nestled in the cleft of two thirty-metre-tall cliffs, it is as picture-perfect as a place can be.

Surrounded by verdant forest, the cleft is sixty metres long and up to two and a half metres wide. The cliffs on either side soar to thirty metres, while the lake is 45 metres deep. This unique natural wonder can be found near the village of Kumistavi in Imereti.

There is a cliffside path to get down to the lake, but it is steep and fairly difficult. As there is no infrastructure in the area, you’re advised only to visit the lake with suitable equipment and under the watchful eye of an experienced guide.


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