Gardabani Managed Reserve

Renowned for its immense natural beauty and its close proximity to Tbilisi, the Gardabani Managed Reserve is an ideal day trip from the Georgian capital, with only thirty-nine kilometres separating the two.
Kvemo Kartli

The Nature at Gardabani Managed Reserve

A unique wetland forest is preserved along the banks of the Mtkvari River. Within this protected area are more than 135 species of bird and 25 species of mammals, including the Caucasian red deer, wild pigs, wolves, jackals, otters, foxes, jungle cats and many others.

The reserve is home to the last wetland population of Caucasian red deer in the world, making it a unique opportunity to see these beautiful creatures.

Notable bird species within the reserve include black storks, great egrets, common cranes, pheasants, great cormorants, common buzzards, and more.

What will You See at Gardabani Managed Reserve?

The managed reserve has its own hotel outfitted in the style of a hunting lodge, complete with a sauna, billiards room, spacious bedrooms warmed by their own fireplaces, a professional kitchen, meeting rooms, and a beautiful terrace.

In addition to its wildlife, the reserve is also popular due to the presence of a lake in which sport and hobby fishing are allowed. For those staying at the lodge, the hotel’s staff will clean and cook your catch upon request, all while spinning tales of how their ancestors hunted in this region centuries ago.

For those interested in a more active vacation, you can take horseback trips or bike tours within the reserve as well.

The Gardabani Managed Reserve is an excellent option for a fun-filled day trip from Tbilisi.

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