Georgian Sauces

Georgian Sauces

Among the main features of Georgian gastronomic culture are sauces, especially Tkemali sauce. In Georgia, it is possible to make sauce from Ghognasho (damson plum), Cornel cherry, and even apples, but Georgian housewives will still say that they cooked Tkemali. This delicious sauce prepared from red, yellow, and green cherry plum was sought after and loved by our ancestors. You will rarely see a Georgian who does not love Tkemali. Tkemali is served with barbecue, boiled meat, potatoes, fresh cabbage, kharcho, beetroot salad, fried chicken, and boiled eggs.


Tkemali sauce is made by almost every family in Georgia (Country) and is stored for the winter. The preparation method varies by region. Tkemali season starts in May and as soon as the skin of the fruit hardens, they make the famous sauce. The fruit is boiled immediately and mixed with fresh coriander and pennyroyal. New potatoes and Tkemali are a real seasonal pair.

Tkemali for preserves is prepared with a little more attention and care. Some people like green tkemali, while others like red, the latest yellow and pink tkemali ripen and the sauce comes out in the corresponding color. Coriander and pennyroyal branches are placed in the pot to give flavor to the stew, then the fruit is thrown in and 1 cup of water is poured, per kilogram of plum cherries.

After cooking, Tkemali is cooled, scraped, and mixed with a flower or grain of coriander, garlic, pennyroyal, graveolens, pepper, and salt. Everything should be very finely cut and divided (if we want the product to come out with a crisp color). 

Before household-canning technologies were developed, tkemali sauce was boiled for a long time, then poured into bottles, sealed with a candle, and buried in a small hole in the ground in a clean place. This was the most reliable method of storage. 

Other sauces

Tomato sauce is very popular in Georgian cuisine. Some housewives boil tomatoes for a long time, mix in bell peppers, onions, garlic, and apples, and also add cloves and cinnamon.

Feijoa sauce is a recent discovery in Georgian cuisine. Grated feijoa is cooked exactly like green Tkemali to get the best taste. 

Georgian cuisine is also familiar with cherry, blackberry, and Cornel cherry sauces.

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