Ghebi - Shoda mountain - Sakao

For a confident hiker, the Sakao-Ghebi-Mount Shoda route is a great way to explore the beautiful region of Racha. The challenging route starts from Ghebi, crosses a ridge, and ends in Sakao.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

Start and Day 1 

From the center of Ghebi village, follow an easy path to the headwaters of the Lagorula river. Dense forest paths make progressing difficult from time to time, so you’ll have to put forth all your effort.

Take a breathe and stop for a while near Saint George's church to see the temple. Continue on the road and you’ll come up to wide pastures, near shepherds' huts, marking that you’ve already covered 6.2 kilometers. 

If you have some cash with you, you can buy dairy products from the shepherds to have with dinner and set up camp near the huts.

Day 2: A real challenge, 18 km in 6 hours

In the morning, you take the path to the south of the camp to the Shoda-Kedela pass, where the highest point is 2,953 meters above sea level. From time to time, you will come across snowy areas and difficult terrain.

You have to walk along crumbling rocks and there are several areas where you will need to climb. Be careful and be sure to use the pre-installed safety ropes. 

The difficult section is about 3 kilometers long. You will again descend the intermediate-level slope. At first, the descent is steep and overgrown with forest, but after, the easy part leads you into the center of Sakao village.

We would also recommend to hire a local guide to make your journey more safe and insightful.

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